Gouache on Canvas - One of my first painting in Gouache medium.   I love the peacefulness of the painting.   

Portrait of my wonderful husband

-Acrylic on Canvas- 

       Oils on waterpaper - from our trip to Zanzibar


Gouache on Canvas - It was from an old photo with other names written on the floor, but I changed the names to the 12 tribes of Israel. 

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 Thank you for your interest.

           ARTIST:   Hestie Myburgh

Gouache on Canvas

Self-portrait in Gouache - it took me more than 20 years before I had the courage to do portraits.   

Charcoal drawing of my chubby hand  

Photo taken from an old magazine - "Nannas with Twins" - Gouache on Canvas.  

This was one of my first paintings in New Zealand.  The photo was actually taken about 18 years ago by a friend of mine - I kept the photo all the years to paint it some day. 

         Oils on waterpaper - African Lion

I grew up in South Africa and lived in the Northern Cape almost all my life.  There is something dreamy about the beautiful red dunes of the Kalahari where this African Lion made his home. 

Pencil Sketches of our two Boys 

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